I’m a creative with a passion for visual storytelling through illustration and graphic design across digital platforms. I love seeing the direct impact my work has on others, especially being able to prompt action or evoke emotion. I appreciate a well-crafted message and pair my design chops with language to create more intentional content on the web, social media and email communications.
A diligent and tenacious problem-solver at heart, I aim to create a better user experience. I can see the bigger picture, making connections across various communication platforms to tell stories in an efficient and delightful way. I’m focused, hardworking and detail-oriented in both my design and illustration work and strive to capture the beauty in the tiniest of things I see in the world around me. I sweat the small stuff.
Interested in working on a design project together or looking for an illustration? Share what you're thinking below and I will get back in touch!
- L
Thank you for reaching out, I will be in touch soon!
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